In the world of social media we realised that many people were living life for others rather than for themselves. Following trends and goals that were popular but did not necessarily identify with their own desires. HOW DID WE GET HERE?

We believe that somewhere within all the social media noise people forgot that they are just as important as any other human on the planet. Why should your goals be secondary? Why are you watching what other people have achieved rather than going out and executing on your own goals and celebrating them on social media. TIME FOR CHANGE!


To change the MINDSET of those who doubt their ability and importance in this world, whilst encouraging a focused and disciplined attitude towards reaching ones fitness goals.


The mission is to show that reaching ones fitness goals does not have to be boring or lack energy. Providing people with energetic clothing that can assist with helping them achieve their fitness goals is our number one aim.

What problem are we solving?

Motivation and Inspiration is what we are trying to help our customers with. Many will say gym clothing cannot give you motivation but this is simply because they cannot see the connection. This is like saying your favourite songs do not make you smile or certain pictures do not make you sad. If the slogans on our clothing connect with you, then we have no doubt they will give you the motivation needed for your training sessions.

What is the brands unique brand positioning

Bringing you motivation and inspiration in a creative way to match several personality types. We understand not all people share the same humour or have the same drives so we try to cater for as many different personalities in order to be as inclusive as possible.

We would categorise our clothing into four main sections based on our current customer base.

  • Funny, Parody, Gym Banter

  • Focused Mentality

  • Motivational Slogans

  • Classic (Logo only items for those who believe the brand logo is enough to carry the message)

Brand Inspiration

OUR CUSTOMERS are our inspiration, every single gym user or anyone working towards their own fitness goal is the reason we were established. Seeing people overcome personal obstacles and push themselves towards their goals fuels our brand every single day and we wouldn’t be here without those people.