Models & Ambassador schemes

For those looking for the opportunity to join our Ambassador scheme please read below for what

is required and the process involved.

Stage 1: Minimum Requirement.

You MUST already be a Gym with Attitude customer who has made a purchase within the last 6 months.

Your social media fans or popularity is not a concern for us, we judge you only on your ability to meet the below criteria.

Stage 2: Demonstrate your ability to drive sales.

You will need to refer 6 customers over the course of 60 days using a unique discount code created for you to give to your clients friends or family.

You can refer friends family clients etc, however your own purchases with the code will NOT be counted.

If you do not pass this stage your code will be deactivated and we will not look at another application for 18  months.

You can use any social media platforms you have to share your code however you CANNOT use your code on any of our adverts anywhere or your application will be cancelled.

Stage 3: Welcome to Gym With Attitude

If you pass the above stages you have successfully made it onto our Ambassador scheme where you will go through a 3 month trial and will benefit from the following.

1.50% off any purchases you make for yourself with your own unique code.

2. Free samples to keep of any new products being launched to test and give feedback on.

3. You can use our brand to help promote your own PT classes or Bootcamp sessions and all your clothing designs will be met by us where you can also use your 50% discount.

4. For those looking for exposure e.g. fitness models Personal Trainers, we may do photo shoots and invite you to participate and use them on our social media to help you gain more exposure and recognition. (subject to checks, your social media should not contain any racial, sexist or discriminative content.)

5. There will be occasions where you may be invited to join us at exhibitions and meet your fellow Ambassadors to promote the brand depending on your performance.

You will be required to maintain a minimum of 4 referrals every 60 days to keep your status.